Films Made In Sundanese

Aya Sababaraha Pilem hollywood anu versi sunda :

  1. Saving Private Ryan—Nulungan si Rian
  2. Enemy At The Gate—Musuh Ngajedog di Pager
  3. Rocky—Osok Neunggeulan Batur
  4. Rain Man—Lalaki Cicing di Bogor
  5. Die Hard – Hararese Paehna
  6. Die Hard II —Can Paeh Keneh
  7. There’s Something About Marry—Aya Naon Jeung Ceu Meri Teh?
  8. Mission Impossible—Moal Bisa
  9. Titanic—Tilelep
  10. Paycheck—Nganjuk Heula
  11. Reign of Fire—Beubeuleuman
  12. Original Sin—Tara Ka Mesjid
  13. Sleepless In Seattle—Cenghar Di Ciateul
  14. Silence of The Lambs—Embe Pundung
  15. Ghost—Jurig Kasep
  16. Bad Boys—Budak Baong
  17. Are We There Yet?—Lila Teuing Nepina Teh?
  18. Home Alone—Katinggaleun
  19. Freddy vs Jason—Pasea
  20. Casablanca—Mengkol Ti Sudirman
  21. Gone In Sixty Seconds—Indit Sia Kaditu!
  22. The Awakening—Hudang Sare
  23. After The Sunset—Tereh Maghrib
  24. The End of Days—Seep Waktosna

Geus narongton can?

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